Larry Asbell Editing


Video editor Larry Asbell has been creating and polishing video programs for more than 20 years. From PBS documentaries to convention videos, from museum exhibits to fundraising programs – he has edited programs for hundreds of clients.

Conveniently located in Takoma Park, Maryland, his studio has free parking and is an easy walk from the DC Metro.

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  1. Creative off-line and on-line HD editing with Final Cut Pro or Avid

  2. Graphics, stills animation, titling and effects

  3. Color correction

  4. Audio mixing

  5. Broadcast mastering

  6. Web compression and FTP site for same-day client review

  7. SD and Blu-Ray DVD dubs and authoring

  8. DVCPro HD, HDV, Digital Betacam, BetaSP, DV/DVCam VTR deck rentals

Larry routinely captures material in dozens of source formats and resolutions and skillfully combines them into a unified program. He has the flexibility to provide your finished production in whatever format you require, from tape masters, to web compressions, to SD and Blu-Ray DVDs.

Larry is equally skilled in both Avid and Final Cut Pro editing and owns and maintains up-to-date versions of both systems. His full complement of SD and HD VTRs, DVD recorders and monitoring provides the flexibility you need at hand.

Whether paring down interviews to the essential thoughts or building a dramatic montage to music, Larry brings a keen eye and ear to every project. With his extensive technical ability, he anticipates and overcomes technical obstacles to keep your creative process on track and keep you on budget.

Independent producers, networks and associations return to him year after year because they depend on his dedication to their jobs and an easy, creative collaboration.